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I am also deeply grateful to the following Yoga Academy teachers -

Gary Carter and Julie Gudmestad - anatomy,

Sue Delf - teaching methodology,

Andrea Hanagarth - life, yoga and everything,

Simona Hernandez - the chakras and teaching children,
Gill Lloyd - philosophy.

(I am currently training as a yoga for backs specialist teacher and will keep students posted.)

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With Simon Low and Monica Marini

Warrior pose‚Äč / Virabhadrasana 1

Yoga for all

Having practiced and felt at home in yoga the whole of my adult life, I began training in 2008 in Kent with Simon Low's Yoga Academy. This classical Hatha yoga training was in the tradition of Desikachar.  I chose the Yoga Academy because I knew Simon was constantly learning from the great yoga teachers of our history and the present day. Since the course, I have returned to Simon for further study and specialist trainings for example in yin yoga. 

Family ties to the Canterbury area, North Kent's beautiful seascapes, the town's wellness vibe and community lifestyle brought me to Whitstable to build my yoga teaching life.